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PLB McMurdo FastFind 220 con Galileo

PLB McMurdo FastFind 220, per la sicurezza personale in mare e sulla terra.

CHF 349.00

PLB McMurdo FastFind 220 con Galileo


A lifesaving distress beacon with buoyancy pouch included,
designed for aviation enthusiasts and adventurers. The
FastFind 220 is the world’s first Galileo PLB, offering
accelerated location detection with GPS and Galileo GNSS

The PLB uses advanced technology packed into
a simple, lightweight, palm sized unit. Using the
dedicated 406 MHz frequency, The unit transmits
your unique ID and precise location to the global
network of search and rescue satellites.
The electronics design was upgraded, offering
accelerated location detection with the duel GNSS
capabilities — GPS & Galileo recivers.
Within minutes rescuers are alerted to your situation,
and receive regular position updates. Finally,
emergency services can home in on your beacon’s
121.5 MHz transmission to find you.
Explore the world with peace of mind. If you find
yourself in a remote area without any other form of
communication, activating your FastFind 220 will
summon emergency assistance.


New Benefits:
• Increased Satellites coverage including GPS and now Galileo
• More accurate positionning data to rescuers
• Faster signal detection
• Floats with buoyancy pouch
• GPS & Galileo GNSS Receivers
• No subscription
• 6 year battery life
• Waterproof to 10m
• SOS morse LED flash light
• Safe-stow antenna



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